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If you make some web applications with PHP, sometimes you don’t know how to create a good report. Maybe you’ll create another application written in VB combined with Crystal Report like i did in my previous project.:mrgreen:.But now there is an alternative to create a good report in PHP. “How will you do that?”, you’ll say that to me after read this introduction. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve got a problem when i use codeigniter to build a web application. There is no plugin or library that can create excel 2003 files perfectly. I used Spreadsheet::WriterExcel class to create an excel file. But i’ve got a problem when i merged some cells. Those cells is merged, but when i set a value, it appeared in the leftmost cell, not centered. I tried to find solution in google and the i found this site. It told me about how to use hook in codeigniter, so i can use another php library to write an excel file. In this case, i use PHPExcel, because it can create files like i want. Read the rest of this entry »