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Kali Linux is a rising star among Linux distros. As successor of Backtrack, its popularity as penetration test distro is increasing. But today, I won’t talk about Kali Linux. This post will talk about a book for people who are interested in network security, especially in penetration testing area. PacktPub released a book titled Kali Linux – Assuring Security by Penetration Testing. If you’re new to Kali or maybe Linux itself but interested in penetration testing, this book is for you. The book tell us from how to install Kali Linux to the installed tools and how to use them. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for download manager in Linux? Do you like FlashGet very much? Now there is an alternative software for FlashGet. Its interface and how it works is really like FlashGet. So if you’re FlashGet user and want to change your OS to linux, you don’t have to worry about what download manager you will use. Read the rest of this entry »

12 December

[Free Software] Alternative for Guitar Hero

Have you ever play guitar heroes? I think you have. Because you came here looking for guitar heroes alternative that cost you no money. In open source world, there are many alternatives for propetiary software. Even a game has its alternative. This game is really look alike guitar heroes. So for linux user and guitar heroes fans, you should play this game. Read the rest of this entry »

15 November

[Free Software] Alternative for SPSS

Are you using SPSS? Or maybe you want to use SPSS but don’t have any money left to but SPSS? Don’t worry guys. You don’t have to save your money now. Now, there is an alternative for SPSS that cost you no money. It’s free. And you can run it whatever OS you have. Linux? Ok. Windows ? It’s ok too. Read the rest of this entry »

When you download a movie from file sharing sites like rapidshare or megaupload, sometimes the movie files is splited into small part. Usually they compress it with winrar. In windows, there will be no problem to extract that splited rar files. But how did you do it in Linux? Click here to know how to do it

Nowadays, peoples are prefer watching movie in their computer than in television. We can download many videos from many source like torrent or rapidshare. But, sometimes there is a problem, if the movie didn’t speak your language, you must need a subtitle. Sometimes searching for movie’s subtitles can take some time too. But now there is an application to help you find and download subtitles from any video files which you have. Read more how to find and download video subtitles.