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12 December

[Free Software] Alternative for Guitar Hero

Have you ever play guitar heroes? I think you have. Because you came here looking for guitar heroes alternative that cost you no money. In open source world, there are many alternatives for propetiary software. Even a game has its alternative. This game is really look alike guitar heroes. So for linux user and guitar heroes fans, you should play this game. Read the rest of this entry »

17 September

[Free Software]Download Youtube in Linux

Looking for an open source software to download video in youtube? Getting tired of console-based application like youtube-dl,mencoder,etc? Or maybe too busy to understand all command to download and convert video? Now, you don’t have to worry about that. PyTube comes to save your life.

PyTube Screenshot

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6 September

[Free Software]Counter Strike in 2D ?

As being seen in the title, is it really Counter Strike have the 2 dimensions version ? Of course not. :D. But there is one game like that, Teeworlds. For who had played Counter Strike, this game could be considered to be the 2 dimensions version. The control and layout was similar. But this game is cartoon-style. But this game really fun to play. Moreover, there is so many custom maps out there and could be downloaded from its forum. And off course it’s open source dude.

Screenshot Teeworlds

This game, like CS, was game that work over LAN and the Internet. This game consisted of 2 applications. One server apps and one client apps. Then how to use it? Read the rest of this entry »