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For Mint users, a new version of Linux Mint has released.  And of course it come with many improvement and new features. There are three ways to install Felicia into your computer. You can download the iso and then doing fresh install, or maybe you prefer upgrade your Elyssa to Felicia, or you like install Linux Mint without create any partition with Mint4win. Read the rest of this entry »

Many people doesn’t like linux because it is hard to install in their computer. Especially if they want some dual-boot thing. One mistake can delete their existing operating system or maybe damage their partition. Because of that many people won’t install linux. But now there is a program that can install linux into your computer without create any new partition in your harddisk. Besides this linux installation act like a installed program in Windows. How can us do that? Read it here

Beta version of intrepid ibex has just released guys !!! Not so long ago i told you that alpha version has released. And now one step ahead to final release, i think.

Just like the older version, alpha, this intrepid ibex comes with  GNOME 2.24 desktop interface and  X.org 7.4 windows system. So, it should be faster than older ubuntu version. My favourite from the new Gnome 2.24 is nautilus now has tab !!!. I don’t have to take care many nautilus window in single desktop. Other new feature from Gnome 2.24 is its archive manager now can support more format than before such as ALZ, RZIP, CAB, and the TAR.7Z file types.

Nautilus with tabs
Nautilus with tabs, it’s nice, isn’t it?

But there is some bug for laptop that uses Intel GigE Ethernet hardware. You shouldn’t install this beta version because firmware corruption problem.  Hey, i don’t know how to know my laptop ethernet hadware? Don’t worry, just type code below in your console

lspci | grep 8256[67]

If your console return nothing then you can install this beta version. But if there is something there then don’t install this beta. It’s better you wait for full released version.

The sixth and final alpha version of the upcoming Ubuntu 8.10 (codename Intrepid Ibex), which is scheduled for release in late October this year, was made available a few hours ago and now i will show you some cool features of Intrepid Ibex. This version comes with Firefox 3.0.2, Samba 3.2 and GNOME 2.24 Beta 2, etc.

For the Intrepid Ibex, the development team will prepare a cool desktop, great performance, and will work on mostly any computer (be it a high-end workstation or an old and dusty Pentium III machine,unlike Vista that won’t work on low-end computer). Another major feature planned for Intrepid Ibex is the ability to be connected to the Internet via wireless connections wherever you go: “We want you to be able to move from the office, to the train, and home, staying connected all the way” said Mark Shuttleworth. So you won’t miss your Intrepid Ibex when you’re on vacation, i think. :mrgreen: Read the rest of this entry »

22 September

[Free OS]New Debian named Squeeze

New version of Debian will be named using Pixar’s animation character. The older version was called Lenny, one of Pixar’s character in Toy Story. Debian’s project maintainer, Luk Claes, announce that next version of Debian will be called “Squeeze”, the three-eyed alien.

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