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Hi readers. It’s been a long time since my last post. Today I’ll give you a review about a book titled Programming MapReduce with Scalding. From the title, we can see that this book is about Big Data technology. MapReduce is a new programming model for large data processing. If you know Hadoop and its part, you’ll understand MapReduce. But this book doesn’t talk about Hadoop much, it mostly talks about large data processing with Scala. Scala is a kind of new programming language which looks like Java.

Programming MapReduce with Scalding

Programming MapReduce with Scalding

Two earlier chapter of this book tell you an introduction to MapReduce, a little bit of Hadoop and how to install it, and Scala language (Since Scalding is actually an API for Scala). But, if you’re new to MapReduce, I suggest you read Hadoop Beginner’s Guide from PacktPub first. That book’ll tell you much stories about MapReduce, Hadoop, and the concept behind. And if you’ve read it, you could pass the first chapter of this Scalding book.

The second chapter is the most important for newbies, escpecially for everyone who doesn’t know Scala yet. Later, you’ll find this book is getting more interesting. The 8th chapter is the most interesting for me, because it told me how to use external data (such as from SQL/NOSQL database) into your Scalding program. 9th chapter is also interesting, some popular data mining techniques combined with Scalding for large data sets processing. It must be useful for everyone doing data mining.

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