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26 February

[Book Review] OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

It’s another review of book from Packt Publishing. This time, I’ll tell you a review about a book of Cloud Computing. I haven’t finished reading this book yet, just read a few chapters. But my impression about this book is a bit disappointed. Actually, the topic of this book is very interesting. This book is all about building your own private cloud using a tool called OpenStack. If you have basic knowledge about Linux and VirtualBox, especially its command line, you won’t get troubled. Most content of this book are Linux shell command. Even there is GUI version of the command, this book only show the command line version.

7324OS_OpenStack Cloud Computing cookbook.jpg

Another minus point of this book is it doesn’t cover much about basic knowledge of what OpenStack really is. I think the writer assume that the reader already knew about OpenStack. So if you want to know more about what Cloud Computing is, or what OpenStack do, this book isn’t for you. But if you don’t car about the basic, just want to implement or build your own private cloud, then read this book.

The first chapter of this book told me about how to install OpenStack inside a VirtualBox, which I didn’t understand, why they must install virtual machines inside a virtual machine. I couldn’t find explanation of that method. And the next chapters mostly talked about features of OpenStack. Since I haven’t finished reading this book, I can’t tell you more about the other chapters. But from the first chapter, you would get your first impression of this book.

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