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Nowadays, RAM size is getting bigger than before. In 2004, i have desktop computer with 1 GB RAM. At that time, i think it’s more than enough. But today, computer with RAM size more than 2 GB is common. Few months ago, i upgraded my notebook’s RAM to 4 GB. But with 32-bit OS, only 3 GB that can be read. If you use Windows 32-bit version, dxdiag can read the actual memory size, but Task Manager only read maximum 3 GB. If you use Windows and have RAM more than 3 GB, you must install the 64-bit version.

But in Linux, you can use the 32-bit version, although your RAM size is more than 3 GB. Just compile and build new kernel with a parameter changed. If you never compiled kernel before, you can read this tutorial. I suggest you copy the old kernel config file from /boot to kernel source directory and rename it to .config. And then edit it with make menuconfig which it easiest to do for me. :mrgreen:

When running make menuconfig, choose Processor type and features -> High Memory Suppport and change its value to 64 GB. After that you can continue build your new kernel. Don’t forget to change the kernel version name in Makefile.

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