Long Live Open Source Software !!

Weeks ago, i wanted to download some files from megaupload. But computer that i used only accept ssh. So i looked at google for any software that can be used to download from megaupload in command line/linux shell. I can’t used command line web browser like lynx, if there is any captcha text to be inserted. After i searched at google, i found a command line program that, not only download, but can also be used for uploading any files to Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileshare, or another file server.

The software package is called plowshare. It contains plowdown for download and plowup for upload files into Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileshare, or another file server. You can download it from here. It’s a free and open source software. If you’re using Debian-based distribution, like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you can download the .deb file and then install it using dpkg like command below :

sudo apt-get install curl recode imagemagick tesseract-ocr-eng spidermonkey-bin aview perlmagick
dpkg -i plowshare_1~svn1542-1_all.deb

After plowshare installed, you can try to download and upload files. This command below is an example if you want to download a file from Rapidshare :

plowdown http://www.rapidshare.com/files/86545320/Tux-Trainer_25-01-2008.rar

If you’re using proxy, before downloading, don’t forget to type this command :

export http_proxy=http://proxy_ip_address:proxy_port

And for uploading a file to Rapidshare, this is an example how to do it :

plowup --auth-freezone=myuser:mypassword rapidshare /path/myfile.txt

Thanks for reading this post;-). And if you want more information about plowshare, you can open this link.

plowdown http://www.rapidshare.com/files/86545320/Tux-Trainer_25-01-2008.rar
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