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22 October

[Intermezzo] Data Loss is Very Painful

Most people in this world always have important data saved in their computer. For some people, it’s more important than their life. But no one can predict when you will lose your important data. When that happen, how will you do? Crying? Hang your body? Drink a poison?

No no, don’t ever do that, your life is still more important. Don’t worry, like Data Recovery Group said, “Never assume that your data cannot be recovered”. Actually many software out there created to recover your lost data. But are you sure it will work? Data Recovery Group has been recovering data from failed hard drives since 1986.

Not only windows partition like fat32 or ntfs, they can also perform mac data recovery and server data recovery. So if you’ve met problem like mechanical failure (Clicking, Grinding, or Unusual Noises/Will Not Spin), file system damage (Lost Data, Will Not Boot, Drive Not Accessible), bumped or dropped drives, viruses, accidentally deleted files or formatting, static electricity, power surges and outages, and natural disasters, you can call Data Recovery Group and they will fix your problem and bring back your lost data.

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20 October

[Intermezzo] Buy Gold Online at GoldCoinsGain

Okay, now we talk out of this blog’s topic for a while. Let’s talk about gold. Some people prefer invest their money into gold coin. Because they feel safer when their money turn into gold. There are many gold seller out there. But how if you can’t easily leave your home or workplace?

The solution is to find a gold seller online. Find at the internet, buy gold and you’ll be safe. :D. One of them that i know is GoldCoinsGain. With GoldCoinsGain, you can buy or sell gold coins online without leave your place. Another nice thing about Gold Coins Gain is that when you gold bullion you can choose the exact weight of a particular coin you are interested in.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your money into a bullion and you’ll have a good investation. Like any other people said, “Gold is perhaps the world’s most liquid investment trading throughout the world daily. The market never closes and, as a result, you can buy and sell Gold in any country at any time”

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When you read this post title, i’m sure you could be shocked. Why i use PSP (that usually used for gaming) to read a PDF Files. Yeah, i think it’s a good thing if i can read my PDF files anywhere without my notebook. So i started to search anything about how to read pdf files in PSP. Read the rest of this entry »

17 October

[Intermezzo] Free Online Homework Help

As a student, maybe you have difficulties when do your homework. Sometimes when the deadline has came, you copied your friend’s and gave it to your teacher. If your teacher found out that you have copied your friend’s homework, you could get a detention.

Don’t worry with those scary story above. Now, there is a free homework help created for people like you. And the good news is it’s online guys, online homework help. Yes, it’s a FREE online homework help. So you can access it from anywhere without pay anything to the creator.

I think the most wanted tutorial is the math homework help and algebra homerwork help. The math homework helper will help you do your math homework without cheating :). And once again, they provide itu for free. A free math homework help !!!. A great idea, isn’t it?

Let’s do the homework and get a good score :)

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CodeIgniter is one of the greatest PHP Framework out there. It’s simple and easy to use. Even a beginner won’t have trouble when learn it. But there is a disadvantage in CodeIgniter. You can’t generate a Model class from your existing database. Sometimes it troubles me. I must write my own Model class everytime i make a new CodeIgniter Application. But someday i think about create my own simple php application to create a Model class that has simple CRUD syntax in CodeIgniter. Read the rest of this entry »