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8 September

Secretly Monitor Your Computer Activity

Do you have a computer or notebook that you want to monitor its activity? Maybe you want to secretly monitor your husband/wife Facebook account. What did they do in Facebook, or which site did they open last night. Now there is a tool that allow you to secretly monitor all computer activity, you can say it like computer spy. 😀
This is stealth iBot Computer Spy, a computer spying tool that is designed to record all computer activity including passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, and websites visited. This tool is good because its sneaky design embeds itself directly into the OS, tricking most antivirus and antispamming programs. So your target won’t know that they have been monitored. It is a good computer spy tool, isn’t it?
First of all, it’s not too expensive for this great computer spying tool. You can monitor your target, and it only cost you around US$100.

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