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If you make some web applications with PHP, sometimes you don’t know how to create a good report. Maybe you’ll create another application written in VB combined with Crystal Report like i did in my previous project.:mrgreen:.But now there is an alternative to create a good report in PHP. “How will you do that?”, you’ll say that to me after read this introduction. Read the rest of this entry »

Nowadays, You can say that Blackberry is a trend. Most people buy a Blackberry and use its Internet Services, like push email. I think push email is Blackberry’s most prominent feature. Because with push mail you can receive your email like your receive SMS from your operator. But actually not just Blackberry that has push mail service. Operators in Japan also has it. And for you who doesn’t live in Japan and doesn’t have Blackberry, dont worry guys. There are many ways to Rome. Read the rest of this entry »