Long Live Open Source Software !!

When someone named Anthony asked me for another alternative for Nokia PC Suite – not only copying file, the alternative one also can read contact and/or write and read SMS -, i looked for the answer in the internet. And then i found a free software that can fulfill Anthony’s requirement. Not only download and upload files, this free software also read your phone’s contact, calendar, sms, etc.

It’s called Wammu. Wammu is mobile phone manager running on Linux, Windows and possibly other platforms, where Gammu and wxPython works. The communication is made by Gammu library. Currently supported features:

  • complete support (can read/edit/delete/copy) for contacts, todo, calendar
  • can read/create/save/send/backup smses
  • sending files to phone (OBEX and Sony Ericsson phones only)
  • sms composer for multi part smses (currently only text and predefined bitmap/sound can be edited)
  • display message including pictures and ringtones playback
  • support for backup and import in various formats (vCard, vCalendar, vTodo, iCalendar, gammu own backup,…)
  • export messages to mail (IMAP4, maildir and mailbox storages are supported)

With all features above, i think Wammu can be an alternative for PC Suite-like application. Unfortunately, not all features above will work in any phone. You can find supported phone in Gammu’s Phone database. Find your phone in there before trying Wammu.

wammu screenshot

wammu screenshot

FYI, i already tried Wammu in my lovely Linux Mint. I use Linux Mint 5, Nokia 6670 and its data cable for this experiment.  The result is with my 6670, Wammu only can read and write SMS, call, and show phone info. There is some bug too. Not all SMS in my inbox can be read by Wammu. But afterall, Wammu can help me to write SMS with QWERTY keyboard. :mrgreen:

Now, as usual, i’ll tell you how to install Wammu to your Ubuntu. Just like before, you can install it from repository or maybe you want to compile it from source. If you want to install Wammu from repository, simply type this command below :

apt-get install wammu

Or maybe you want to follow my tutorial about installing program from source.

After that, the first time you run Wammu, you’ll be asked about how Wammu will connect with your phone. You can find connection type that matched with your phone in Gammu’s Phone Database.

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