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12 December

[Free Software] Alternative for Guitar Hero

Have you ever play guitar heroes? I think you have. Because you came here looking for guitar heroes alternative that cost you no money. In open source world, there are many alternatives for propetiary software. Even a game has its alternative. This game is really look alike guitar heroes. So for linux user and guitar heroes fans, you should play this game.

It’s named Frets On Fire. Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. Like guitar heroes, the aim of the game is to play guitar as accurately as possible, but this game use keyboard as its main ‘guitar’.

You don’t like playing guitar with your keyboard? Don’t worry, Frets on Fire also support guitar controller or joystick. Another feature from Frets on Fire is it has many song created by big community and you can download them for free. You also can create your own song from Frets on Fire and then share your song to the community. Not only that, you also can import song from Guitar Hero™ I and Guitar Hero™ II too.

And don’t forget, it’s free, open source, and multiplatform. You can play Frets on Fire in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. Below is two sample videos about Frets on Fire gameplay. Enjoy it !

After seeing that videos, i think you will install Frets on Fire now. :mrgreen:. To install it in you ubuntu system, just type this code below.

apt-get install fretsonfire

Or if you use windows or another linux distribution, you can download the game from here. Come on download and play Frets on Fire. It’s really a great game.

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