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In my previous post, i told you about a free and open source software to open a corel draw file, edit it and then save it into another format, like svg. But if you just want to convert your corel draw file into another format without open it, maybe using the software which i told you before is taking too much time. Now, i’ll tell a story about another free and open source software that can convert your corel draw file into another format without open it. Read the rest of this entry »

17 November

[Free Software] Alternative for CorelDraw

Are you tired of spending your money to buy new version of CorelDraw? But you still have many .cdr file in your harddisk and confuse how to open them with another program? Now, i’ll give you an alternative for CorelDraw. This application can open and convert any .cdr file and then you can edit it as you like. What a great free software. Read the rest of this entry »

15 November

[Free Software] Alternative for SPSS

Are you using SPSS? Or maybe you want to use SPSS but don’t have any money left to but SPSS? Don’t worry guys. You don’t have to save your money now. Now, there is an alternative for SPSS that cost you no money. It’s free. And you can run it whatever OS you have. Linux? Ok. Windows ? It’s ok too. Read the rest of this entry »

When you download a movie from file sharing sites like rapidshare or megaupload, sometimes the movie files is splited into small part. Usually they compress it with winrar. In windows, there will be no problem to extract that splited rar files. But how did you do it in Linux? Click here to know how to do it

10 November

[Free Software] Download P2P with Ares

Nowadays, P2P download is very popular among peoples. You can easily get what you want with P2P like torrent. Many application was made to enable peoples download with P2P. There is propetiary version and open source version. One of open source version for P2P download and sharing is Ares. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve got a problem when i use codeigniter to build a web application. There is no plugin or library that can create excel 2003 files perfectly. I used Spreadsheet::WriterExcel class to create an excel file. But i’ve got a problem when i merged some cells. Those cells is merged, but when i set a value, it appeared in the leftmost cell, not centered. I tried to find solution in google and the i found this site. It told me about how to use hook in codeigniter, so i can use another php library to write an excel file. In this case, i use PHPExcel, because it can create files like i want. Read the rest of this entry »