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If you read my tutorial about how to transfer files between phone and PC, maybe you think it’s still too hard for you to do. Some newbies prefer to use GUI than bloody hell console. Because GUI application usually easier to use than console-based one. Now i’ll tell you about a free and open source software that act like nokia PC suite in linux. Especially in file transfer feature. What’s its names? Read more here.

For college student that facing thesis or final project, they can get resources from papers or journals written by experts around the world. But for them to get the paper they want is a hard thing sometimes. They must search in website that provide journal one by one. It can take much time, of course. But now there is an open source application that can help you not just search, download, and import journal from sites like ACM, IEEE, PubMed, and CiteSeer, but also manage them in your computer like iTunes did. Read more to know which application can do that.

Nowadays, peoples are prefer watching movie in their computer than in television. We can download many videos from many source like torrent or rapidshare. But, sometimes there is a problem, if the movie didn’t speak your language, you must need a subtitle. Sometimes searching for movie’s subtitles can take some time too. But now there is an application to help you find and download subtitles from any video files which you have. Read more how to find and download video subtitles.

Imagine a situation when you’ve just came to a new town. You know nothing about that town and you’re hungry. Then you think about where can you get some food. You only bring your lovely laptop and there is a hotspot near you. What you have to do is turn on your laptop, open your firefox, and use geode to get your location and nearest cafe.

Geode Screenshot

What is that? Read more

For debian or ubuntu or linux mint users, apt is a powerful tool to install program/package into their system. But in order to work properly, apt must be configured. Especially from where did it obtain software package.So you must edit your sources.list file that usually exists in /etc/apt directory.

APT can obtain software packages from many types of repository like web server, ftp server, file system or cd-rom. So, it’s your job to configure apt so that it knows where to download software packages. You can add many repository in single sources.list file. Maybe you want download software packages from ubuntu mirror site and CD, or maybe from many mirror. You can add each repository in a single line in sources.list file. Read the tutorial.

Many people doesn’t like linux because it is hard to install in their computer. Especially if they want some dual-boot thing. One mistake can delete their existing operating system or maybe damage their partition. Because of that many people won’t install linux. But now there is a program that can install linux into your computer without create any new partition in your harddisk. Besides this linux installation act like a installed program in Windows. How can us do that? Read it here