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6 September

[Free Software]Counter Strike in 2D ?

As being seen in the title, is it really Counter Strike have the 2 dimensions version ? Of course not. :D. But there is one game like that, Teeworlds. For who had played Counter Strike, this game could be considered to be the 2 dimensions version. The control and layout was similar. But this game is cartoon-style. But this game really fun to play. Moreover, there is so many custom maps out there and could be downloaded from its forum. And off course it’s open source dude.

Screenshot Teeworlds

This game, like CS, was game that work over LAN and the Internet. This game consisted of 2 applications. One server apps and one client apps. Then how to use it?

First, download it here. There had various sorts file that could be downloaded. Choose that in accordance with the operation system that was used by you. FYI, this game avalaible in Windows version, Linux, and Mac OS.

After download, just extract file that has been downloaded. Afterwards there will be two file executable, teeworlds and teeworlds srv. teeworld_srv is its application server.  Double click or type in the terminal to run it.

In this game there is 3 game type, that is DM (DeathMatch) where all player hostile toward each other, TDM (the team DeathMatch) where the two teams must destroy each other, and the last was CTF (Capture The Flag) where the two teams must capture enemy flag and bring it to their home. By default, server will use DM as game type. Then how when we want to configure server to use another game type?

It’s easy guys. Just create some file that would be loaded by the application. Example of the contents file the configuration was as follows:

sv_name Teeworlds sample tdm
sv_map dm6
sv_scorelimit 50
sv_gametype tdm
sv_rcon_password remember
sv_motd Teeworlds sample tdm configuration
  • sv_name Our server name.Default :unnamed server.
  • sv_map Fill with map file name without extention. File name can be seen in data/maps directory.
  • sv_scorelimit Score limit. End of the round reach when this condition meet.
  • sv_game Game type (dm, tdm, atau ctf)
  • sv_rcon_password Your server’s password. Used when you want to control server when playing. (Press F2 to show the remote console)
  • sv_motd Message of The Day.

Apart from that above, there is another configuration which you can see here. After your serverhas been configured, run the server with this command teeworlds_srv -f your_config_file . Next, run the client apps and choose LAN tab when you want to connect with server available in your local network or choose the Internet to play with many people all over the world. In Setting tab, you could change character’s skin, name, and other.

After choosing server, then just play it. Use W,A,S,D to move around. 1,2,3,4,5 to change weapon, space for jump (press twice for double jump), left mouse click for shoot, drag mouse to aim, and right click to use hook on wall or your enemy. You can send message to another player by pressing T or Y button.

So, wanna try this game?

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