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23 April

Mobile Blogging part 2 with WordMobi

In my previous post,i wrote about how to do mobile blogging with Symbian 60 in wordpress powered blog. I used Scribe in my previous post. But now i use another free software to create a new post. This software has more features than Scribe and it makes me uninstall Scribe.
This software is called WordMobi. Like Scribe, WordMobi is a mobile blogging software that allows you to manage your blog from mobile device. But unlike Scribe, it can manage your post’s comment and edit categories. Overall, It’s easier and better than Scribe.
To start using WordMobi, you must download its installer from here . And then, you can copy the installer to your phone and install it. For the first time, you must set something like your blog url and network connection to use. From the main menu you can see 3 menus. It’s post, comment, and categories.
WordMobi’s editor, just like Scribe’s, isn’t a WYSIWYG editor. But it can preview your post in your phone browser. Not only that, the editor can insert image from many sources, like memory card, url, or your phone camera. It’s easy too to insert any html code into your post.
Just like before, of you want to know how blog post is created using WordMobi, you can see this post, or my previous post.

Posted by Wordmobi

Hi guys,today i’ll show you how to manage your wordpress powered blog from your symbian 60 device.I get this idea when i need to create new post for this blog without my laptop around and i only have my E71 to get connected.

And then, i searched google for any mobile blogging solution and google gave me 3 alternatives. They are WordMobi,Scribe, and a wordpress plugin named WPhone (CMIIW,i forgot its name).I think you will ask me “why did you choose Scribe?”.I choosed Scribe because it’s the first mobile blogging application that succesfully installed in my phone.:D.Maybe i’ll try WordMobi later.:D Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for download manager in Linux? Do you like FlashGet very much? Now there is an alternative software for FlashGet. Its interface and how it works is really like FlashGet. So if you’re FlashGet user and want to change your OS to linux, you don’t have to worry about what download manager you will use. Read the rest of this entry »

10 November

[Free Software] Download P2P with Ares

Nowadays, P2P download is very popular among peoples. You can easily get what you want with P2P like torrent. Many application was made to enable peoples download with P2P. There is propetiary version and open source version. One of open source version for P2P download and sharing is Ares. Read the rest of this entry »

Nowadays, peoples are prefer watching movie in their computer than in television. We can download many videos from many source like torrent or rapidshare. But, sometimes there is a problem, if the movie didn’t speak your language, you must need a subtitle. Sometimes searching for movie’s subtitles can take some time too. But now there is an application to help you find and download subtitles from any video files which you have. Read more how to find and download video subtitles.

Imagine a situation when you’ve just came to a new town. You know nothing about that town and you’re hungry. Then you think about where can you get some food. You only bring your lovely laptop and there is a hotspot near you. What you have to do is turn on your laptop, open your firefox, and use geode to get your location and nearest cafe.

Geode Screenshot

What is that? Read more