Long Live Open Source Software !!

i’ve tried to find solution for taking photo with Cheese and my vaio webcam since months ago. But the only thing i can do is make the webcam recognized by my Linux Mint.  But today, accidentaly i found the solution !!!

Let’s get to the point. First thing you must do is make your webcam being recognized by your system. For Vaio notebook,especially CR Series, the driver for webcam is r5u870. You can download it from here. Check your kernel version first before you download the driver.

After the .tgz file has been downloaded, extract it (e.g in /tmp/). And then go to extraction directory and type “make”. If there is no error, type “sudo make install”. If there is an error, try install build-essential package and/or linux-header-[kernel_version] package.

After that, just type “modprobe r5u870″ and open gstreamer-properties from your console. Configure it so gstreamer will use the proper webcam device. If your webcam works, it will show you what being captured.

Next steps is configure Cheese. FYI, In this tutorial, i use Ubuntu Karmic Koala or Linux Mint Helena. You can type this command below in your terminal :

cd /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/20thirdparty
sudo wget http://students.ceid.upatras.gr/~asimakis/10-r5u870-webcam.fdi
sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart

And now just turn on your Cheese and start taking picture :)

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