Long Live Open Source Software !!

When you read this post title, i’m sure you could be shocked. Why i use PSP (that usually used for gaming) to read a PDF Files. Yeah, i think it’s a good thing if i can read my PDF files anywhere without my notebook. So i started to search anything about how to read pdf files in PSP.

And then i found two alternatives software. They are BookR and PSPDF. Both of them are free. But i choose to try BookR, because some peoples recomend it. After BookR has downloaded from here,  i try to install it in my PSP 3006. But i ended up with an unknown error when running it. Maybe because BookR that i’ve downloaded is for firmware ver 1.5 only and my PSP use cracked firmware ver 5.03 with chickHen.

BookR Screenshot

Okay, after doing some search again, i found out a good mod for BookR that can be used in PSP 3000 series. You can download it from here. After download it, extract and copy eboot.pbp and data.fnt to your memory stick/PSP/Game/bookr (Maybe you must create bookr folder first). And then copy your pdf files in the bookr folder too. Disconnect your usb connection and try it.

With bookr, you can read pdf or txt files, zoom, rotate, view and add bookmark. To view the menu, just press the Select button. Come on and try it :)

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