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16 September

[Tutorial] Update Facebook Status From Pidgin

As you know,facebook is one of biggest social networking website. Many people have its account and sometimes they often update their status. There are many ways to update facebook status, like from mobile phone via facebook mobile, from flock browser, from sms, from twitter, or maybe from Yahoo Messenger. But how about from pidgin?Can we update facebook status from pidgin? The answer is YES !!!

How do we do that? You can use a plugin called Pidgin-Facebook. This plugin allow you to log in to your facebook account and then you can send message via Facebook Chat, receive notifications, show your inbox count, organises friend
lists/groups, search for Facebook friends and set your Facebook status. But there is a disadvantage, in my opinion, using this plugin. Facebook will assume that you’re log in to their website, so if you have logged on in browser, it will be logged out.
Okay, enough for the introduction, let’s install it. First, you must download tar.bz file from here. Extract it and go into [EXTRACTED DIR]/usr/lib/purple-2 directory. Copy libfacebook.so to /usr/lib/purple-2 and then restart your pidgin. Now you can add your facebook account via Account->Manage Account. FYI, your pidgin status won’t be your facebook status. There is different way to update your facebook status from pidgin. Go to Account->[Facebook account]->Set Facebook Status.

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