Long Live Open Source Software !!

When i browsing with my notebook, i like to open link in new tab. Because with that, i don’t have to back/forward again. And when the page i opened still loading, i can open another link in another new tab. For now, most desktop browser must have tabbed browsing feature, even in IE. 😀 . But in mobile phone, i haven’t found this feature yet. From Nokia default browser, to opera mini, all of them hasn’t implement tabbed browsing feature.

But it was. Now, the new opera mini 5.0 have those feature!! You can open link in new tab when browsing via mobile phone by pressing R button in qwerty keyboard, or button 1. Besides those great feature, Opera Mini has interfaces that look alike its desktop version and it’s easy to navigate. Just press 2 or 8 for scroll up/down. Come on, download this software in here and try it yourself.

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