Long Live Open Source Software !!

Now, i’m trying to use flock to browse the internet. Before, i used Firefox and have many installed add ons and plugin. Because Flock is based on firefox, i think all my Firefox plugins automatically added in Flock. But not !!! I’m too lazy to download and install the plugin again, so i try to find a way to use installed firefox plugin in flock. And i have found it !!
It’s easy, you can copy the plugin file from you mozilla plugin directory (e.g : /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins) to flock plugin directory (e.g : /opt/flock/plugins). And then check at about:plugins in your flock. Without restarting my Flock, all plugin has worked.
Now i can use Flock just like i use Firefox before. But now i’m still searching for SwitchProcy extension for flock. Anybody know where to find it?

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