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Have you downloaded the latest version of EGroupware? Do you know that in order to see fully functional gantt chart you must update JPGraph that bundled with EGroupware? Why? They say that they have problem with JPGraph new policy. So they just give us the old version (1.5.2). Okay, the explanation is enough, lets do the update process.

Here is the step by step :

  1. Download JPGraph from JPGraph download page.
  2. Extract it and copy to EGROUPWARE_INSTALLATION_FOLDER/projectmanager/inc (e.g in ubuntu : /usr/share/egroupware/projectmanager/inc/)
  3. For example, your new JPGraph folder is named jpgraph-2.3.4. Open file class.ganttchart.inc.php in the same folder with your new JPGraph
  4. Look for string “jpgraph-1.5.2″ and then replace it with the name of your new JPGraph (e.g “jpgraph-2.3.4″)
  5. After that, maybe there is still an error “Font VeraBd.ttf not found” occured.
  6. To resolve that, find the line that look like this : define(‘TTF_DIR’,’/usr/share/fonts/truetype/’);
  7. And then change it to this : define(‘TTF_DIR’, ‘EGROUPWARE_INSTALLATION_FOLDER/projectmanager/inc/ttf-bitstream-vera-1.10/’); *replace EGROUPWARE_INSTALLATION_FOLDER with the directory name of your egroupware.
  8. And then, it works :).

Without the new JPGraph, you won’t be able to show any milestone you’ve created. And the interfaces is not as good as the new one.

Okay,it’s finished. I hope this is good for you. :)

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