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Oracle Streams enables the propagation and management of data, transactions and events in a data stream either within a database, or from one database to another. The stream routes published information to subscribed destinations. The result is a new feature that provides greater functionality and flexibility than traditional solutions for capturing and managing events, and sharing the events with other databases and applications. As users’ needs change, they can simply implement a new capability of Oracle Streams, without sacrificing existing capabilities.

There is a tutorial to configure oracle streams, but  it use scripting technique. For some people, it will be easier if there is a wizard for setting up oracle streams. And Oracle Enterprise Manager has granted their wish. 😀 . I uploaded two files in this post. It’s the english version and the indonesian version of this tutorial.

This is the manual, you can download itu for free :

Oracle Stream Manual in English

Oracle Stream Manual in Bahasa

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