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Nowadays, You can say that Blackberry is a trend. Most people buy a Blackberry and use its Internet Services, like push email. I think push email is Blackberry’s most prominent feature. Because with push mail you can receive your email like your receive SMS from your operator. But actually not just Blackberry that has push mail service. Operators in Japan also has it. And for you who doesn’t live in Japan and doesn’t have Blackberry, dont worry guys. There are many ways to Rome.

Besides, your GSM operator may charge you additional cost for using Blackberry Internet Services. It’s too expensive for some people. Except, if you really send and receive mail in a big amount. So for you who don’t have Blackberry phone, you can still use push mail services from other provider. Below is comparison from three free push mail services, Nokia Messaging, Seven, and Emoze. This three offer free push mail from your email server like yahoo,gmail,or another mail server. FYI, this test is ran on my Nokia E71 phone.

1. Nokia Messaging

First, it’s Nokia Messaging. This is a push mail services provided by Nokia to challenge BlackBerry. Unlike the older email application in Nokia, this application is easy to use. Just enter your email address and its password, after that Nokia Messaging will take care of the rest. And voila !!! Your next received mail will be delivered to your phone.

Rather that Emoze and Seven, Nokia Messaging has better user interface. You can group your mail by subject or date. You can see another folder like,sent, draft, or trash. And you can find email address from phone contact or recently sent or received email.

Although it’s enough easy to use, there is a problem when i ran Nokia Messaging in my E71. Sometimes, i couldn’t open Nokia’s main menu. It just did nothing. And i must pressed the Menu button or “close phone” button in order to use my phone again. But the if i opened application from the shortcut key, it works. To solve this problem, i must restart my phone. :( . Besides, in Nokia Messaging, you can’t truncate your incoming mail. So if you has received a big email, it’s very expensive.

Oh my god, i almost forgot, for now, this service is still in trial and free to use. But later, it may cost you some money. Nokia said that before i install this application.

2. Seven

Actually, Seven has 2 kind of services. The released one and the beta one. Unfortunately, the released one isn’t supported in my country and my GSM operator. So i must use the beta one. And i think, this is the best free push mail. Why i said that? Because among the other services, Seven is the most suitable for me. 😀

With Seven you can limit how many bytes received in 1 email. So for someone like me who have limited internet connection, it’s a great features. So Seven will send any email to your phone and cut it if the email contain bytes more than you’ve decided before. If you want to read the whole email, you can choose the download body from the menu or press the ‘read more’ link.

Another feature that Seven has is it can determine which email is delivered to your phone. Seven limit it by email’s sender. Besides, Seven support for multiple account with no additional cost. The only thing i don’t like from Seven is it take too much time for loading contact. There is some delay when you want to search for email address saved in your phone. And don’t forget that this application still in beta. So sometimes, there is a maintenance that can cause some troubles.

Seven can determine when to push mail to your phone. Maybe you don’t want to receive mail in weekend. You can set Seven to do that.

3. Emoze

I used Emoze when Seven’s Administrator did some maintenance to their server and it caused my email didn’t delivered to my phone. First time i used Emoze, i impressed with its user interface. It’s more fresh than Seven. Emoze can truncate your email too. But unlike Seven, Emoze only can truncate email larger than 5kb or 8 kb. And if your email is larger than the limit, you won’t see any part of the body. You must download them all before can read them. That’s why i still used Seven until now.

Emoze is better that Seven when you load your email contact. Emoze is very faster than Seven. But when i used Emoze’s editor, the character is misplaced and make it a little hard to read. Not only that, sometimes the email that has been deleted, still received in the next sync. So i must delete the email in many times.

Unlike Seven, Emoze free version only support 1 email account. If you want to use multiple email account, you must pay for Emoze license $13,59 for 1 year.


So, if i have to choose between those three push mail services. I choose Seven. I told you the reason above. It’s simple,easy to use, and relatively more stable than Nokia Messaging. And once more, it’s FREE !!!! So Seven is the best alternative for Blackberry Push Mail. For me, rather than have to pay IDR 150.000 for Blackberry Services, i prefer pay for unlimited internet access from my GSM operator and use Seven.

If you agree with me, you can comment this post. If you disagree with me, tell me your reason in this post’s comment 😀

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