Long Live Open Source Software !!

Hi guys,today i’ll show you how to manage your wordpress powered blog from your symbian 60 device.I get this idea when i need to create new post for this blog without my laptop around and i only have my E71 to get connected.

And then, i searched google for any mobile blogging solution and google gave me 3 alternatives. They are WordMobi,Scribe, and a wordpress plugin named WPhone (CMIIW,i forgot its name).I think you will ask me “why did you choose Scribe?”.I choosed Scribe because it’s the first mobile blogging application that succesfully installed in my phone.:D.Maybe i’ll try WordMobi later.:D

Scribe is really simple application for mobile blogging. It can create new post,manage your draft & post, and publish them wherever you are.Scribe created with Python S60, so in order to use it, you must installed Python S60 first. You can get both of them in here.

With Scribe’s editor, you won’t get a WYSIWYG text editor. But you can easily insert html code like new paragraph,hyperlink,image link,’more’ separator, and other tag like code.You can also edit post title,tag and categories.

For your information,there are two main menu in Scribe. It is create new blog post and manage them. If you choose to create blog post, you just insert the post’s title and then edit it via the manage menu.Don’t forget to save before exit from editor view.If you choose exit, you’ll be asked to save or not. If you choose no, you’ll exit from editor. But if you choose save, it will go back to the editor view.

After read this article, do you want to know how post with Scribe looks? It’s simple. 😀 . This post is created with Scribe.

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