Long Live Open Source Software !!

Did you have thousand, or maybe million photos created by your digital cameras saved in your harddisk? Didn’t you confuse how to manage, search, and view them? Now, there is a great free and open source software that can help you to manage, view, and search your photo or picture collection. With this free software, you can manage all files in you harddisk in a single application.

Okay, now i’ll tell you what is this program.

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It’s named F-Spot Photo Manager. Just like its name, this software is a tool to manage your photo from digital cameras/picture collection. You just have to select which folder that contain a picture, and then F-Spot Photo Manager will scan your imported folder for any picture file and index them. After that you can give your picture tag, comment or maybe rating.

With this free software, you don’t have to worry for same picture files. If you copied two same files from your digital camera, F-Spot will detect it even those files have different name.

Another cool feature from F-Spot is its ability to search files by date and by tags and its great animation. The creator doesn’t only think about functionality, but also user friendliness. You can view your picture in slideshow mode, fullscreen mode, thumbnail mode, or photo strip mode (just like Windows Explorer did). Not only that, you can edit your picture, give it tag, comment or rating. It’s very useful when you want to search your files.

Okay, as usual i’ll tell you how to install F-Spot Photo Manager to your linux. Simply, type this command in your terminal or open Synaptic then choose f-spot.

apt-get install f-spot

Or maybe you want to download its installer for another linux distribution. You can download the installer from here.

After installed, you can open it from Graphics -> F-Spot Photo Manager. Good luck and try this program.

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