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For Mint users, a new version of Linux Mint has released.  And of course it come with many improvement and new features. There are three ways to install Felicia into your computer. You can download the iso and then doing fresh install, or maybe you prefer upgrade your Elyssa to Felicia, or you like install Linux Mint without create any partition with Mint4win.

screenshot linux mint felicia

screenshot linux mint felicia

Below is short list of Felicia’s new features. I hope with this new features you can leave your old Windows system and migrate to linux :

  • MintInstall, Linux Mint’s software manager. New offline frontend, support for multiple portals, versions information.
  • MintUpdate3, Linux Mint’s update manager. New GUI, history of applied updates, proxy support, improved stability
  • MintUpload, A software to upload your file to a server. Now it has FTP support.
  • MintNanny, simple parental control for linux mint. Protect your children from porn sites with this software.
  • search, apt content, and apt contain. 3 command line software. You can search files with ‘search’, show content of package with ‘apt content, and list the package providing a particular file by typing apt contains filename’
  • Giver, application to send files to another computer in local network. Just drag n drop your files, and the recipient will be notified.
  • Gufw, GUI application to manage firewall.
  • Flegita, scanner utilites.
  • Gnome 2.24 comes with tabbed file browsing and better support for multiple monitors
  • The new version of the Ubiquity installer features a graphical representation of your partitions and a new auto-login option for GDM.
  • Totem comes with BBC and Youtube plugins.
  • The ClamAV antivirus is now officially supported by Ubuntu and should be kept up to date within the repositories.

In their blog, it is recomended you’re doing fresh install with Felicia’s iso rather than using upgrade tool. But if you do not want to lose your installer application, you can take the risk and start using the upgrade tool.  Now to use the upgrade tool, from Linux Mint 5 Elyssa, install the package “mintupgrader-elyssa-main” and run the upgrade tool from the menu (”Upgrade to Linux Mint 6″ in the Administration category). When the upgrade is finished. Reboot the computer by opening a terminal and by typing “sudo reboot” (without the quotes).

Or if you do not want to create new partition to install Felicia, you can use Mint4win that based on Wubi to install Linux Mint in your Windows. Now come on, try Felicia and tell me your experience.

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