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Transferring files between mobile phone and PC is an important thing for some people. Usually, they transfer music files, like mp3, from their PC to their mobile phone so they can listen to their favourite music everywhere with their phone. In Windows, this thing is easy. You can use software like Nokia PC Suite or else. But how did you do that in linux?

There is a tool named ObexFTP in linux. With that tool, you can access your phone’s files via FTP. But this tool doesn’t have nice and easy to use graphical UI. But that doesn’t mean you can use it. I’ll help you now with a little tutorial how to upload and download file from/to your phone using ObexFTP. Before you follow this tutorial, make sure obexftp is installed in your system. You can use apt-get install obexftp to install obexftp.

1. Discover your device

First, you must discover your device. Before this step don’t pair your device with your laptop or PC. Because your paired device won’t be discovered. Now, to discover any bluetooth device near you, type this command :

hcitool scan

2. Find Required Channel

You must ensure that your device support Obex protocol before use ObextFTP. Type this command below and look if there is any service with “OBEX” in its “Protocol Descriptor List” that “Channel” is likely to work.

sdptool browse [your device's bluetooth address]

Actually this step isn’t too important. Just to make sure that your device support obex.:mrgreen:. After this you just have to input any command that suit your need.

3. List files from directory

obexftp -b [your device's bluetooth address] -l /

to list root directory or use

obexftp -b [your device's bluetooth address] -l [path to directory]

to list another directory

4. Download file from phone

To get file from phone you can use this :

obexftp -c [path to source directory] -g [filename1] [filename2]

5. Upload file to phone

To upload file from PC to phone you can use this :

obexftp -c [path to destination directory] -p [filename]

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