Long Live Open Source Software !!

Today, when i turn on my lovely laptop, i see my pidgin suddenly closed with no reason. I try to open it and suddenly, it closed again. And then, i try to open pidgin via terminal. The terminal gives the following message after pidgin closed, “Segmentation fault“. Hey, last night i still used pidgin and it’s okay. Why something like this happen today?

As usual, i search at google for some solution. Actually many site offer some solution to this problem. But nothing can really work.Luckily, i found that gnome proxy that caused this problem. I forgot that i turn on proxy setting whereas i’m not behind proxy at the moment. I turn on the proxy setting to prevent mintUpdate from doing its work.

After i use direct connection in gnome proxy, my pidgin has came back to normal again. Some site write that this problem occured in older version, but i don’t know why this problem still occured in pidgin 2.5.1.

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