Long Live Open Source Software !!

If you read my tutorial about how to transfer files between phone and PC, maybe you think it’s still too hard for you to do. Some newbies prefer to use GUI than bloody hell console. Because GUI application usually easier to use than console-based one. Now i’ll tell you about a free and open source software that act like nokia PC suite in linux. Especially in file transfer feature.

Its name is ObexFTP-Frontend. With this application you can browse your phone’s files, download it, or maybe upload new file to your phone. It works like Nokia Phone Browser in your Windows Explorer. It supports many type of connection, like bluetooth, infrared, or usb cable. So you have many alternative to make your phones connected to your PC.

Okay, enough for description. I’ll tell you how you install this free software to your computer and use it. Now, like i said before, you must install this open source software in order to use it. You can download the deb package or its installer in this sourceforge site. After download the deb package you can install it by typing this command :

dpkg -i obexftp-frontend-0.66.deb

or if you download the bin installer, you can type this command :


Don’t forget to install JDK and/or JRE before installing this open source software. Because this program is based on java. So you need JRE to run this free application. After this free software installed in your computer, (if you’re using ubuntu or linux mint) you can start this open source software in Accessories->ObexFTP Front-end. After it’s started, you’ll see configuration window. See below for more detail.

ObexFTP FrontEnd Configuration

In the above picture, i used bluetooth to connecting my phone and my laptop. Insert your phone bluetooth address. If you don’t know how to get your phone bluetooth address, read my tutorial before this post. You can test your connection. If no problems occured, you can press ‘Ok’ button to start connecting.

After connected, you can send or receive files from/to your mobile phone. Just choose the folder which your files will go to. And then click the upload menu and choose files you want. If you want to download files from your phone, just select the desired file and press the download menu. It’s easy, isn’t it?

ObexFTP Frontend upload

Okay, i think it’s enough. If you have any question, feel free to contact me with comment form. I hope this post useful for you.

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