Long Live Open Source Software !!

Many people doesn’t like linux because it is hard to install in their computer. Especially if they want some dual-boot thing. One mistake can delete their existing operating system or maybe damage their partition. Because of that many people won’t install linux. But now there is a program that can install linux into your computer without create any new partition in your harddisk. Besides this linux installation act like a installed program in Windows.

They called it Wubi.

With this application, you can install linux in your windows machine without create new partition. You don’t have to bother about using another bootloader. Just install Wubi like other Windows application and then an Ubuntu Linux is ready to use.

To start using it, download the installer here. And then you must have an internet connection or Ubuntu hardy iso files. I recomend you find Ubuntu iso files or CD installer. Because Wubi will install package from those iso or CD or internet. Be careful if you’re dial up user.

wubi installer screenshot

Picture above is interface of Wubi when it is installing new ubuntu. You can choose in which drive you want to install, you can also change your desktop environtment. And don’t forget to create a user for your ubuntu system here.

After insert your information, your new ubuntu is ready to install. Take a coffee or some snack. After that you can see new ubuntu linux installed without any change in your partition. You can use it as usual too. You can install new application, use desktop effect and many other ubuntu features.

If you don’t like Wubi, you can uninstall it from Windows control panel and nothing left like you uninstall other application. It’s easy, isn’t it? C’mon try it and give your comment here.

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