Long Live Open Source Software !!

Nowadays, peoples are prefer watching movie in their computer than in television. We can download many videos from many source like torrent or rapidshare. But, sometimes there is a problem, if the movie didn’t speak your language, you must need a subtitle. Sometimes searching for movie’s subtitles can take some time too. But now there is an application to help you find and download subtitles from any video files which you have.

It’s named SubDownloader. With this software, you can search subtitles from any video files or search from movie’s title. You can also upload your own subtitle to the server. Don’t forget that you need an internet connection to use this free software. And it’s support proxy too.

Enough for the introduction, now it’s time to tell you how to install and use this free software. First, you can download the package for ubuntu or debian here. There is 2 deb files that must be downloaded, subdownloaderand subdownloader-cli. And then some dependencies must be fulfilled. You can type this code below to install required dependencies package.

apt-get install python-imdbpy python-kaa-metadata python-kaa-base
python-sqlite libsqlite0 python-qt4

Above command will install any packages needed by subdownloader-cli and subdownloader. After step above success, type this..

dpkg -i subdownloader-cli_2.0.7_all.deb

and then

dpkg -i subdownloader_2.0.7_all.deb

And now SubDownloader has already installed in your computer. After that you can open the programs from Applications -> Sound & Video -> SubDownloader. If you’re using proxy, you must restart the application after setting the proxy.

Screenshot SubDownloader

You can search your video files in your computer and then search for its subtitles in the internet. Or you can search your favourite movie’s subtitle with this application. If you have your own subtitles you can upload it too so other people can use that. Look at the screenshot above for more detail. Overall, this apps is a great open source software.

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