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25 September

[Tutorial]Protect Your Samba Server From Virus

Virus is annoying program that can destroy your data. If you are using linux, almost no virus can affect your system but it still can destroy your data if you are sharing your files over network. Some virus are infecting files lies on the network. Your linux maybe safe but other computer that accessing your linux can be infected too.

So having method to protect your file server is a must. After doing some search on google i found that there is an option in samba that prevent some files with certain names going in/out. It is veto files. Below is example how to use veto files. Place code below in [globals] section or in share point section to make it work only in certain share point.

veto files = /*.scr/*.eml/thumbs.com/

By using code above, Samba won’t allow any files named thumbs.com and ending with .scr and .eml copied into the server and showed to other user. You can use regex too. You can add many conditions separated by slash (/).

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