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10 September

[Free Software]Edit MP3 in Linux


I get an idea to write post about this when I want to create a ringtone for my handphone from my mp3 collection. Actually, i can just copy it from my computer to my handphone and set it so it can play my favourite song when i’ve got call or sms. Like usual, i ask google for mp3 editor in linux. And google give me Audacity as its answer. Read the rest of this entry »

10 September

[Tutorial]Enable Sound in Iceweasel

Debian users should know that Firefox package in Debian has changed its name to Iceweasel. There is no big difference between Iceweasel and Firefox. FYI, Iceweasel was created for free Firefox’s Addons. So, non-free addons cannot installed.
Unlike Firefox, by default Iceweasel cannot play sound. At first, i hink this is a bug. But after some research on internet, i found that we can play sound to in Iceweasel. I just open file /etc/iceweasel/iceweaselrc (the file may be located in different folder in other distribution) and change option ICEWEASEL_DSP=aoss.
Before you restart your Iceweasel, make sure that package alsa-oss has been installed in your system. After you restart Iceweasel, try open website like youtube.com and play some file. Check that the sound is playing.

9 September

[Tutorial] Download Entire Web

You want to download an entire website togethered with its contents at the same time? Confused to use what? Used wget, a free open source application to get some file through HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. This application doesn’t need an user interface to run. Simply type this lines below in terminal : Read the rest of this entry »

6 September

[Free Software]Counter Strike in 2D ?

As being seen in the title, is it really Counter Strike have the 2 dimensions version ? Of course not. :D. But there is one game like that, Teeworlds. For who had played Counter Strike, this game could be considered to be the 2 dimensions version. The control and layout was similar. But this game is cartoon-style. But this game really fun to play. Moreover, there is so many custom maps out there and could be downloaded from its forum. And off course it’s open source dude.

Screenshot Teeworlds

This game, like CS, was game that work over LAN and the Internet. This game consisted of 2 applications. One server apps and one client apps. Then how to use it? Read the rest of this entry »

4 September

[Free Software]Monitoring Wifi Activity in Linux

Up till now, linux was identical to its complexity when doing everything. Many laymen regarded linux only for the person who has special capacity that could use him.

One aspect that was previously difficult to be used is Wifi. Previously, Linux did not yet have application that could monitor wifi signal that was received by your. But now it has.

Read the rest of this entry »

3 September

Hello world!

Welcome here! Finally this blog has came back. After having the incident in Dreamhost that caused the data lost. I hoped with the attendance blog, it could promote open source software in Indonesia and in the world.