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22 September

[Free OS]New Debian named Squeeze

New version of Debian will be named using Pixar’s animation character. The older version was called Lenny, one of Pixar’s character in Toy Story. Debian’s project maintainer, Luk Claes, announce that next version of Debian will be called “Squeeze”, the three-eyed alien.

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CrossOver Chromium ScreenshotI think there are so many news about google chrome out there. But google itself has yet to come up with Mac or Linux editions of its Chrome. So, I, as linux users, must wait for linux version to try that browser. But a company named CodeWeaver has created an imitation using Chrome source code. By using Wine and Chrome’s source code, they has created Chromium.

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17 September

[Free Software]Download Youtube in Linux

Looking for an open source software to download video in youtube? Getting tired of console-based application like youtube-dl,mencoder,etc? Or maybe too busy to understand all command to download and convert video? Now, you don’t have to worry about that. PyTube comes to save your life.

PyTube Screenshot

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gnome do screenshotDo you know search field in Vista Start Menu?With that tool you can search almost everything in your computer like application, file, or open an url in browser. Now, You can do that in Linux too. Gnome Do is all you need.

It’s likes Windows’ Launchy or OS X’s Quicksilver, but GNOME Do has its own kind of productivity tool. Plug-in designers have taken full advantage of webapps’ APIs, giving you the ability to quickly compose new email messages, search for files or folders, add calendar events, switch music tracks, open url in browser. Oh, and it also finds your installed applications super-quickly as you type, making desktop icons seem kind of, well, useless.

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13 September

[Tutorial] Open (Mount) ISO Files in Linux

To open ISO files in Linux, you need to mount it to a directory. Because of that, you need root access and of course ‘mount’ installed in your system. Below is syntax how to do that :

mount -o loop yourisofiles.iso /path/to/directory

Before that, make sure the directory is empty. After that you can open your ISO files like it has burned into a CD. If you want to unmount, simply type this in your console :

umount /path/to/directory

Are you a manager? Or a programmer? Or just common people? I’m sure you’ll need something to plan, organize, just like a project or it is a project. Then how do you manage the time schedule, resource, and many other aspect about your project? Microsoft’s Fans must know about Microsoft Project. A software built by Microsoft to manage your project. As far as i know, it can manage from time schedule, resource, until how much those project cost. Read the rest of this entry »