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4 September

[Free Software]Monitoring Wifi Activity in Linux

Up till now, linux was identical to its complexity when doing everything. Many laymen regarded linux only for the person who has special capacity that could use him.

One aspect that was previously difficult to be used is Wifi. Previously, Linux did not yet have application that could monitor wifi signal that was received by your. But now it has.

Xirrus Wifi Monitor is an application that was based on GDesklets to monitor the your wifi activity. My favourite feature here is its capacity to wifi access point in radar view with the estimation of its distance from laptop.

Besides that, Xirrus also views details from avalaible network wifi, like SSID, signal strength, channel, and its security. There is also signal strength from the active connection, IP and MAC Address from wifi adapter, and have 9 skins colour variations.

Last, this application is free and open source. So it’s easy for who want to modify the source code.

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