Long Live Open Source Software !!

Are you a manager? Or a programmer? Or just common people? I’m sure you’ll need something to plan, organize, just like a project or it is a project. Then how do you manage the time schedule, resource, and many other aspect about your project? Microsoft’s Fans must know about Microsoft Project. A software built by Microsoft to manage your project. As far as i know, it can manage from time schedule, resource, until how much those project cost.

But now you’re using Linux, right? Then which program you will use for project management? How about using CrossOffice or Wine and then install Ms Project in your linux? No, no, no, it will cost you more. If you can get something free, then why do you have to pay for it? That’s why Planner has been made.

Maybe from its functionality Planner still lose from Ms Project. But, for simple project management, it is enough. You can create your project’s timeline, assign resource to each task, many more feature that similar to Ms Project. Another advantage from using Planner is that you can download it freely from its website or from Ubuntu repository.Unlike Ms Project that cost more money for purchasing.

What are you wating for now? Just download and install. And you will have better project management than using paper. I’m also waiting for your comment about this application. So do their developer. :grin:

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