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10 September

[Tutorial]Enable Sound in Iceweasel

Debian users should know that Firefox package in Debian has changed its name to Iceweasel. There is no big difference between Iceweasel and Firefox. FYI, Iceweasel was created for free Firefox’s Addons. So, non-free addons cannot installed.
Unlike Firefox, by default Iceweasel cannot play sound. At first, i hink this is a bug. But after some research on internet, i found that we can play sound to in Iceweasel. I just open file /etc/iceweasel/iceweaselrc (the file may be located in different folder in other distribution) and change option ICEWEASEL_DSP=aoss.
Before you restart your Iceweasel, make sure that package alsa-oss has been installed in your system. After you restart Iceweasel, try open website like youtube.com and play some file. Check that the sound is playing.

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