Long Live Open Source Software !!

10 September

[Free Software]Edit MP3 in Linux


I get an idea to write post about this when I want to create a ringtone for my handphone from my mp3 collection. Actually, i can just copy it from my computer to my handphone and set it so it can play my favourite song when i’ve got call or sms. Like usual, i ask google for mp3 editor in linux. And google give me Audacity as its answer.

And then i try to install Audacity in my Linux. First impression : excellent. Just as i want. I can cut my mp3 from any point and save it in mp3 or different format like wav or ogg. Just drag and drop and you can have your own ringtone :mrgreen: . Besides that, you can record your voice like Windows Recorder. And of course, you can edit sound you havewith this application.

Like most of open source application out there, Audacity can also played in Windows and MacOS. So you don’t have to install Linux to use this apps. Just download the other version and you can edit your favourite song. Long live Open Source !!!!

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